Who are you kidding? You've been searching Google for information about the best bookmakers and you know it! You calm down because you are in the right place because on WhatstheScore.com we know which are the best bookmakers and surely there is one, or several, that fit in what you need. For now, we leave you a table with a summary of the best bookmakers and if you have any questions, we will solve them below.

  1. Best Nigerian Betting Sites 🇳🇬
  2. Best Ghanaian Betting Sites 🇬🇭
  3. Best Kenyan Betting Sites 🇰🇪
  4. Best South African Betting Sites 🇿🇦
  5. Best Ugandan Betting Sites 🇺🇬
  6. What is the best betting site?
  7. How to choose your bookmaker?
  8. Why is the analysis of WhatstheScore.com TOP?

Because every country has different regulations and preferences, we'll review the online bookmakers country by country so that you can check the information that is relevant to YOU. If you want a safe bet however, know that there is one bookmaker who accept players from about every country we can think of and that is Betway.

Best Nigerian Betting Sites 🇳🇬

Top bookmakers for Nigeria 🇳🇬

Best Ghanaian Betting Sites 🇬🇭

Top bookmakers for Ghana 🇳🇬

Best Kenyan Betting Sites 🇰🇪

Top bookmakers for Kenya 🇳🇬

Best South African Betting Sites 🇿🇦

Top bookmakers for South Africa 🇳🇬

Best Ugandan Betting Sites 🇺🇬

Top bookmakers for Uganda 🇳🇬

What is the best betting site?

Well, do not scratch yourself because at WhatstheScore.com we have a goal and it is to help you improve with your sports bets. Or what is the same, get you to earn more money with your football bets. Because it is better that we bet for fun, but if in passing we earn pasta then better than better. And to win more with your bets you have to choose a bookmaker very well.

How to choose your bookmaker?

Yes friend, focus because this is undoubtedly the million dollar question when you are getting started in the world of sports betting. We know that it seems a little drama because if you go around Google you will see that there are millions of websites where you can place your football bets and they all offer you welcome bonuses to each one more juicy. As we are here to make things easy for you, here we bring you our comparator of the best bookmakers that exist right now in the Spanish market and, of course, all licensed to operate in Spain. Come on, they will never run away with your money.

Why is the analysis of WhatstheScore.com TOP?

Because thousands of users go to WhatstheScore.com every day to improve their sports bets, so something we will be doing well. In addition we are totally objective and impartial, we are going to say loudly and clearly the defects of a bookmaker, we say it and nothing happens here.

And what is the best bookmaker for me?

It is true that we are experts in sports betting, but we cannot get into your head to know which is the best bookmaker that suits your needs. In the end there is no better bookmaker than another, but there is a perfect bookmaker for each type of player.

And now the questions we all ask before registering:

1. Are welcome bonuses a hoax?

Surely they have told you out there that the welcome bonuses of the bookmakers are more scamming than the signing of Douglas Costa by Barça. Well, we have to tell you that they are lying to you. Obviously the bookmakers are not going to give you 100,000 naira to buy you video games, they give them to you to bet, so don't be naive and read more the terms and conditions of the promotions.

2. Is it true that bookmakers limit winners?

Things as they are, is not common but it is true that bookmakers have the right to do so in case they detect that some type of fraudulent activity is being carried out. So you know, if you behave, everything will be fine.

3. Are the bookmakers licensed to operate in my country?

Man, I put both hands on the fire to make sure that all the bookmakers we recommend on WhatstheScore.com are licensed and 100% reliable. Here we want you to win money with your sports bets so we will only recommend the best bookmakers where you can get it.

4. I have won! When will they pay me my bet?

Soon very soon. Normally all the bookmakers make your entry a few minutes after the referee calls the end of the game. Think of it as a process that is completely automated, so it will take very little time. Yes, when you win, you want your money in your pocket now, but neither will it give you anything to wait a moment. In fact, by the time you just read this article you would already have the warm money in your account: D And if you don't think you can win, read our tips on how to win your sports bets?

5. If the odds have varied, which one will apply to my bet?

Yes, it is true that quotas often move more than Georgie Dann on a dance floor in the middle of August. But, whatever happens, the fee that will always be applied to your bet is the one that was marked when you made it. So do not scratch if the odds go up or down, because the pasta that will be credited to your account is what they already said when you gave the bet button.

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