90' In Hamburg - St. Pauli FC St. Pauli drive forward through Henk Veerman. His shot is on target but it's saved.
90' Jeremy Dudziak for FC St. Pauli drives towards goal at Millerntor-Stadion. But the finish is unsuccessful.
90' That's full-time at Millerntor-Stadion. The final score is 1 - 1.
90' Henk Veerman gets his shot on target but fails to score for FC St. Pauli.
90' The fourth official's board shows 3 minutes, which will be added to the second half.
89' FC St. Pauli's Jeremy Dudziak has been booked in Hamburg - St. Pauli.
88' At Millerntor-Stadion, Niklas Kreuzer has been yellow-carded for the away team.
86' SG Dynamo Dresden have been awarded a corner by Deniz Aytekin.
86' Goal! SG Dynamo Dresden go level at 1 - 1 through Jannik Muller in Hamburg - St. Pauli.
80' Niklas Kreuzer is replacing Baris Atik for SG Dynamo Dresden at Millerntor-Stadion.
80' SG Dynamo Dresden make their second substitution with Haris Duljevic replacing Erich Berko.
75' SG Dynamo Dresden's Moussa Kone gets in a shot on goal at Millerntor-Stadion. But the effort is unsuccessful.
74' It seems as if Ryo Miyaichi is unable to continue. Cenk Sahin replaces him for the home team.
74' Ryo Miyaichi returns to the field for FC St. Pauli after picking up a slight injury.
74' At Millerntor-Stadion, FC St. Pauli are penalized for being offside.
72' Play has been resumed.
71' The match at Millerntor-Stadion has been interrupted briefly for a check on Ryo Miyaichi, who is down injured.
71' Patrick Ebert is on a sub for Rico Benatelli for SG Dynamo Dresden.
69' Important block from the FC St. Pauli defence as Jannis Nikolaou fires in a strike for SG Dynamo Dresden.
62' At Millerntor-Stadion, FC St. Pauli are penalized for being offside.
58' SG Dynamo Dresden's Brian Hamalainen gets his shot away but it misses the target.
55' Dario Dumic (SG Dynamo Dresden) has received a yellow card from Deniz Aytekin.
53' SG Dynamo Dresden's Baris Atik breaks free at Millerntor-Stadion. But the strike goes wide of the post.
47' Jeremy Dudziak is on target to give FC St. Pauli a 1 - 0 advantage.
46' FC St. Pauli are pushing forward but Sami Allagui's finish is wide of the goal.
46' The second-half is now underway.
45' The first-half has come to a close in Hamburg - St. Pauli.
45' The match has been stopped briefly for attention to the injured Aias Aosman.
45' Aias Aosman is back on the pitch.
45' 1 minutes will be added to the first half.
45' Play has been resumed.
45' Moussa Kone of SG Dynamo Dresden gets in a strike, but is off target.
41' Corner awarded to FC St. Pauli.
36' Henk Veerman is replacing Mats Moller Daehli for the home team.
30' Ersin Zehir for FC St. Pauli has been booked by Deniz Aytekin and receives a first yellow card.
27' In Hamburg - St. Pauli, FC St. Pauli push forward quickly but are pulled up for offside.
26' SG Dynamo Dresden drive forward at breakneck speed but are pulled up for offside.
24' The home team replace Marvin Knoll with Ersin Zehir.
23' SG Dynamo Dresden's Baris Atik misses with an attempt on goal.
23' Corner awarded to SG Dynamo Dresden.
23' SG Dynamo Dresden have been awarded a corner by Deniz Aytekin.
23' Mats Moller Daehli is back on his feet again.
22' Play is underway once more.
21' Mats Moller Daehli is writhing in pain and play has been suspended for a few moments.
19' FC St. Pauli advance rapidly upfield but Deniz Aytekin blows for offside.
6' FC St. Pauli push upfield but Deniz Aytekin quickly pulls them for offside.
1' The first-half is now underway.
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