90' The second-half is over. The match ends 1 - 1.
90' FC Metz's Marvin Gakpa misses with an attempt on goal.
90' 5 minutes will be added to the second half.
88' Yohan Mollo returns to the field for Sochaux after picking up a slight injury.
87' Yohan Mollo is down and play has been interrupted for a few moments.
87' The match in Metz is underway once more.
85' Frederic Antonetti is making the team's second substitution at Stade Saint Symphorien with Emmanuel Riviere replacing Opa Nguette.
84' Omar Daf (Sochaux) is making a third substitution, with Christopher Rocchia replacing Franck Etoundi.
81' Goal! The away team is awarded a penalty in Metz. To Be Confirmed converts to level the scoring at 1 - 1.
81' Penalty! Jeremie Pignard points to the spot, great chance for Sochaux...
80' Jean Ruiz is back on his feet again.
80' Habib Maiga for FC Metz has been booked by Jeremie Pignard and receives a first yellow card.
80' Play has been interrupted briefly in Metz to check on Jean Ruiz, who is grimacing with pain.
80' Play has been resumed at Stade Saint Symphorien.
79' Sochaux have been awarded a corner by Jeremie Pignard.
79' The match at Stade Saint Symphorien is underway again.
78' Sochaux’s Hamza Sakhi is on his feet again at Stade Saint Symphorien.
78' Hamza Sakhi is writhing in pain and play has been suspended for a few moments.
78' John Boye is booked for the home team.
75' Goal! FC Metz take a 1 - 0 lead thanks to a To Be Confirmed spot-kick..
74' FC Metz have been given a penalty...
73' Corner awarded to FC Metz.
69' At Stade Saint Symphorien, Sofiane Daham has been booked for the second time in this match. An early shower is now waiting!
65' Habib Diallo is replacing Ibrahima Niane for the home team.
63' Hamza Sakhi is on a sub for Cyrille Barros Bayala for Sochaux.
59' Rafa Navarro (Sochaux) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
58' The away team have replaced Mohamed Sissoko with Elisha Owusu. This is the first substitution made today by Omar Daf.
57' Ivan Balliu for FC Metz gets in a strike but fails to hit the target.
49' FC Metz's Renaud Cohade has run offside.
48' Sochaux have been awarded a corner by Jeremie Pignard.
46' FC Metz push upfield but Jeremie Pignard quickly pulls them for offside.
46' The second-half has just kicked-off.
45' FC Metz have been awarded a corner by Jeremie Pignard.
45' The whistle has gone to end the first-half.
44' Corner awarded to Sochaux.
34' FC Metz's Opa Nguette goes close with a header against the bar.
30' Corner awarded to FC Metz.
30' FC Metz are whistled for offside.
28' Opa Nguette gets his shot on target but fails to score for FC Metz.
27' FC Metz's Farid Boulaya gets in a shot on goal at Stade Saint Symphorien. But the effort is unsuccessful.
26' Jean Ruiz (Sochaux) gets a yellow card.
21' Farid Boulaya for FC Metz drives towards goal at Stade Saint Symphorien. But the finish is unsuccessful.
17' FC Metz have been awarded a corner by Jeremie Pignard.
17' FC Metz are on the attack at Stade Saint Symphorien, where Renaud Cohade is presented with a great scoring opportunity. But the ball hits the upright!
16' Sochaux have been awarded a corner by Jeremie Pignard.
13' Sochaux's Sofiane Daham has been booked in Metz.
5' Corner awarded to Sochaux.
1' The match has started.
Cyrille Barros Bayala (Sochaux) is not on the pitch at the moment but still receives a yellow card.
The team line-ups for today's match are now available.