90' Yves Vanderhaeghe is making the team's third substitution at Kehrweg Stadium with Imoh Ezekiel replacing Idir Ouali.
90' Wesley Alen blows to end the match. The final score is 0 - 1.
87' Aboubakary Koita is replacing Andriy Batsula for the away team.
86' AS Eupen make their third substitution with Nils Schouterden replacing Silas Gnaka.
82' Yves Vanderhaeghe (KV Kortrijk) is making a first substitution, with Jovan Stojanovic replacing Teddy Chevalier.
70' The home team replace Cheick Keita with David Pollet.
61' Youssef Msakni is on a sub for Danijel Milicevic for AS Eupen.
61' Andriy Batsula is booked for the away team.
48' AS Eupen's Danijel Milicevic has been booked in Eupen.
46' The second-half is underway. AS Eupen with the kick-off.
45' The first-half is over.
43' Goal! A Felipe Avenatti header gives KV Kortrijk a 1 - 0 lead in Eupen.
1' The referee blows his whistle to start the first-half. AS Eupen with the kick-off.
The team line-ups for today's match are now available.