90' Juan Pablo Pompei blows to end the match. The final score is 3 - 1.
90' Frank Fabra for Boca Juniors drives towards goal at Alberto Jacinto Armando. But the finish is unsuccessful.
90' Corner awarded to Newell's Old Boys.
90' Juan Pablo Pompei will wait an extra 3 minutes before blowing the whistle to end the second half.
89' At Alberto Jacinto Armando, Julio Buffarini has been yellow-carded for the home team.
88' Hernan Bernardello is booked for the away team.
85' Boca Juniors are on the attack at Alberto Jacinto Armando, where Julio Buffarini is presented with a great scoring opportunity. But the ball hits the upright!
85' Nahitan Nandez (Boca Juniors) gets a yellow card.
84' Play is underway once more.
83' Agustin Rossi is down and play has been interrupted for a few moments.
78' Oscar Benitez is replacing Cristian Pavon for the home team.
78' Boca Juniors make their second substitution with Agustin Ezequiel Almendra replacing Sebastian Perez.
77' Fabricio Fontanini for Newell's Old Boys has been booked by Juan Pablo Pompei and receives a first yellow card.
70' The home team have replaced Carlos Tevez with Julio Buffarini. This is the first substitution made today by Guillermo Schelotto.
70' Boca Juniors's Carlos Tevez breaks free at Alberto Jacinto Armando. But the strike goes wide of the post.
70' In Buenos Aires Newell's Old Boys drive forward through Alexis Rodriguez. His shot is on target but it's saved.
67' Boca Juniors's Cristian Pavon is on target but unsuccessful.
65' Omar De Felippe (Newell's Old Boys) is making a third substitution, with Alexis Rodriguez replacing Victor Figueroa.
65' Newell's Old Boys's Daniel Opazo has been booked in Buenos Aires.
62' Joaquin Varela (Newell's Old Boys) has received a yellow card from Juan Pablo Pompei.
59' That's a fine assist from Emanuel Reynoso.
59' Goal! Boca Juniors extend their lead to 3 - 1 through Cristian Pavon.
57' Joaquin Torres is on a sub for Juan Sills for Newell's Old Boys.
56' Victor Figueroa for Newell's Old Boys gets in a strike but fails to hit the target.
53' The away team replace Jose San Roman with Braian Rivero.
50' Boca Juniors are pushing forward but Carlos Tevez's finish is wide of the goal.
46' The second-half is now underway.
45' 1 minutes will be added to the first half in Buenos Aires.
45' The whistle has gone to end the first-half.
44' Boca Juniors's Carlos Tevez misses with an attempt on goal.
39' Newell's Old Boys are back in the match in Buenos Aires. Hector Fertoli has scored to make it 1 - 2.
39' Victor Figueroa instrumental with a fine assist.
38' Goal! Boca Juniors extend their lead to 2 - 0 thanks to a Ramon Abila header.
38' Leonardo Rafael Jara with an assist there.
27' Great play from Cristian Pavon to set up the goal.
27' Boca Juniors take a 1 - 0 lead thanks to Ramon Abila.
25' Boca Juniors are coming forward and Cristian Pavon gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
24' Fabricio Fontanini of Newell's Old Boys gets in a strike, but is off target.
20' Juan Sills (Newell's Old Boys) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
17' Hernan Bernardello gets his shot on target but fails to score for Newell's Old Boys.
9' Newell's Old Boys have been awarded a corner by Juan Pablo Pompei.
9' Newell's Old Boys push forward through Leonel Ferroni, whose finish on goal is saved.
2' Boca Juniors's Agustin Rossi is back in action after a slight knock.
2' At Alberto Jacinto Armando, Sebastian Perez has been yellow-carded for the home team.
1' The first-half is just kicking off.
The official line-ups for today's match are out.