May 1, 2014 - 5:01 PM - Stephan

Info For Registered Users: Account Confirmation FAQ

In order to provide a better service to its registered users, has improved its email support system. If you already have created an account on the site, you either have or will shortly receive an email from us (check your spam/junk folders from time to time). We are sending this email from (you may want to add this address to your address book) so you can easily identify us.

We recommend you to validate your email address as soon as you receive that email.

Is it really writing to me?
=> Yes. The sender's address is

How do I validate my account?
=> Simply click on the blue link between the dotted lines in the email (see preview below):

msg confirmation

Whats happens once I have clicked on the blue link?
=> You will be redirected to the home page and the validation process will be complete. there will be nothing more to do.

The confirmation link is not working anymore, what should I do?
=> If the link is no longer active, please send us an email to as follows:

  • Mail subject : Confirm my account

  • Mail content : username / email address used when you registered.

We would then send you a new and functional confirmation link.

What would happen if I don't confirm my account?
=> You would not receive any updates from, whih includes:

  • New promotions/offers alerts

  • Service improvements and new features updates

  • Widgets news for webmasters.

for any other questions in relation to that account confirmation process, please contact us by email at

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